Egret in Tall Grass by Kent McCain

Giclee Reproductions

"Make everything more beautiful. A painting should contain a mystery, but not for mystery's sake; a mystery that is essential to reality."
-Pierre-Auguste Renoir

KKent McCain: an Artist in the Classical Realist Style

McCain's pleasing depictions of architecture in the Italian Lake District form just a part of a lush array of work that includes detailed portraiture of indigenous peoples in disappearing world cultures, classical Oriental still lifes, the exquisite detail and delicacy of water fowl, herons,egrets, and even the intimate detail of historic church windows.

Rendered in oils on both panel and canvas, his Native American, Nepalese and Tibetan portraits capture not only poigant moments in the human drama, but gorgeous, refined detail of skin tone, costume and setting.

Never content to paint just one type of image and intrigued by a wide range of subject matter, McCain developed his classically inspired signature style over time, characterised by lifelike textures, a rich use of color and detail, the subtle play of light, all rendered on refined surfaces that show almost no hint of a brush stroke.